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    The Henrey Corporation includes the services of FederalExpress and the Henrey Ordnance Company. We deliver packages and mail from Point A to Point B and can sell you a firearm while doing it. The Henrey Corporation will be the mother corporation for all projects and companies owned and operated by Henrey_Hans. We have no physical HQ but we are based in the Capital City. Our company is public and when purchase of shares is available. We are also have a joinable Discord, the link to which you can find here. https://discord.gg/pPgJXyyQ3z

    Summary: What we offer
    -Courier and delivery services
    -Arms manufacturing, transportation and sale of said firearms
    -Investment opportunity

    Hiring status: Not yet, but will be very soon
    Contact me via DMs on the Discord listed above for any additional questions that aren't already answered.