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  1. Fubmel

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    Title: Hospital Region
    Type of Motion: Creation
    Elaboration and Reasoning: Due to an event that took place on the server, with spawn killing in the hospital, I had an idea to suggest that the hospital should have its own region so PvP will be forbidden on hospital grounds. A hospital is for healing not for spawn killing after all.
    Benefits: Now after you die, you won't need to be anxious about re-spawning and being murdered in the hospital, you will be temporarily safe in the new region until you leave. Also, if you're being chased by a user with a sword threatening you in the city and you're not near spawn, the hospital will now be the safest place to run to.
    Other Information: For choking however, I'm not sure if it will let you hit them and cure them inside a no PvP region, so this may need to be solved outside of the hospital I'm guessing.