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    As a staff member and minister, one of the most common questions I see from new players is "how do you make money?" When you're just starting on BC, the economy can be confusing. My goal with this guide is to give you a step by step plan to getting rich on BC.

    Step 1: Get an exam job
    Every player on the server can have one exam job. These are jobs that you take at the university or other places that give you basic qualifications to start working. What's important to realize about these jobs is that they work like real life college degrees in that most of them don't guarantee you a job, but will merely give you some benefits to go into a certain field. For example, the rancher job gives you a kit with spawn eggs and allows you to make shops to sell your goods if you want to start a business. The few exceptions of jobs that do offer you more income immediately are the hunter, doctor, and tour guide jobs. If you want more information on what exam job you should pick, check out the job guides thread.

    Step 2: Get a job at a company
    Working for a private company is almost always one of the best ways to start on the server. The problem that a lot of players face is that they don't know how to apply to companies. Most new players tend to just spam in global asking for a job which is generally not a good way to find jobs. The place I always recommend for new players is the employment office. It's across the street from spawn, and it normally has a lot of job postings. If that doesn't work out, another great method is just to ask if companies are hiring. Find some companies on the server that you think you'd like to work for and message the owner to see if they have any jobs open. Chances are that after a few messages, you'll find someone who will hire you. Also, be sure to get the economy role on discord to watch the business advertisements channel. A lot of companies post job opportunities there.

    Step 3: Start your own company
    Starting a company, if done right can be one of the most profitable ways of making money. The question that many players have is, "what kind of company should I start?" The best way to answer that question is to think about the current economy and what goods are in demand. If you want, you could invent a completely new idea that has never been done before. Or, you could take an existing product and innovate by making it better or less expensive. Being an entrepreneur is all about finding ways to innovate. Entrepreneurs have to get creative when it comes to making money. Not all companies will succeed, but if your company does manage to become successful, you'll be able to make some crazy profits.

    Step 4: Misc. money tips
    This is gonna be a subcategory of some of the smaller things you can do on BC to make money. If you do all of these, you'll rack up a considerable amount of side cash.

    • Voting is a great way to make a bit of money every day. It doesn't take long and helps out the server by promoting it to more players. If you vote every day for a month you'll end up with 3600 Krunas per month. That's more than a lot of companies pay.
    • Gig work is another easy way to make money here and there. If you watch the buy channel in discord, you'll see some people looking for materials or other goods and services. That's a good way to make some quick money. You can also sell or auction or your own goods.
    • If you are a talented builder, I would highly recommend you use that to your advantage. This fits into my earlier sections on getting jobs or starting companies, but I wanted to add a separate note explaining how much money you can make as a builder. There will always be a consistent demand from companies, towns, cities, the government, and pretty much every category of employer on the server to have good builders. Basically, if you can build, use that to your advantage.
    That's about it for the guide. If you have any questions I'd recommend contacting a business or employment secretary from the DoE. Good luck!
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