Lawsuit: Adjourned IAmA_MoronXD v Government

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Good Evening,

Firstly, I'd like to apologize for the long delay in a verdict and thank both parties for their patience.
Now, to discuss the verdict.

~Plaintiff's Arguments~
The plaintiff has brought this case to court arguing that the previous DoJ Minister, Nightmare, failed to perform his Constitutional duties; specifically, starting up and organizing the SBA (Stratham Bar Association).

~Defense's Arguments~
The Defendant argues that the Stratham Bar Association Act is very vague; therefore, making it difficult for one to act on procedures and a timeline.

I will be ruling in favor of the Plaintiff as I see very little evidence in favor of the Defense regarding the allegation at hand. Although there was minimal direction listed in the SBA Act, it certainly did not make the task at hand impossible. I believe that with good intentions and effort, something, even if it is the smallest detail, could have been worked out. Now, there is a very good chance that the Defendant did indeed try to work something out; the Defendant could have had chats with parliament or other government figures, lawyers or individuals in the law field, etc. However, no proof was submitted by the Defense to suggest that Nightmare had even attempted to work towards the SBA, not even a single conversation; in other words, all of the evidence suggested that he did not.

Obviously, as Defendant's counsel stated, Nightmare is no longer in the Minister position. Even if he were though, I would most likely still not remove them from their role as months would have gone by. Nonetheless, I do agree that the Bar Association certainly does need to have some progress made towards it, even if it is a slither of something.
Therefore, I am asking our newly elected Parliament, @Cherub54321, to please look into the Stratham Bar Association Act and work out any kinks or confusing aspects for whoever is tasked with creating this organization. I do not, however, want this to be put to the side nor do I want it fast-tracked. There should be some form of update within the next month I believe. From there, the rest should be rather easy to figure out, hopefully.

I once again apologize for the wait for this verdict and thank both parties for their dedication to the case.
If either party or parliament, has questions about this verdict, I ask that they come to speak with me.

That is all,
Thank You
Case Adjourned
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