Bill: Accepted Initiating PvP Amendment Act

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    - Title: Initiating PvP Amendment
    - Type: Amendment / Creation
    - Reasoning: This bill has been reintroduced due to being vetoed before for a fault in the bill that had already been previously implemented. This bill splits the initiating unwanted PvP law to encompass a harsher penalty for killing, and lowering the penalty for hitting. The judges refer to Murder and so does the death message, so the law needs to change to keep up with this.
    - Bill:

    Current System:

    Initiating Unwanted PvP:
    PvP is the act of hitting a player, which may or may not result in death.
    Per Offence: K60 + 10 Minutes jail

    Proposed System:

    Initiating Unwanted PvP:
    Where a player hits another player, causing a loss of hearts.
    First Offence: K20 fine
    Second Offence: K40 fine
    Third Offence: K80 fine + 10 minutes of jail time
    Note: A player may defend themselves with reasonable force should someone else initiate PvP on the them.

    The unlawful killing of another player.
    Per Offence: K80 fine + 10 minutes of jail time
    NOTE: This law overrides assault.**
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