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    Hello! And Goodbye! Here on this sub-forum you are able to introduce yourself to the community if you're new (or not) and say your farewells if you are leaving permanently (or not)

    Introductions, go ahead and introduce yourself, there is not a format to follow just go ahead and tell us what you want us to know, we can't wait to meet you! We have a very welcoming player-base so don't be shy!

    Departures, we are very sad to see you go... but once again there is no format. If you are leaving and wish to leave your possessions to another player (e.g. your friend) then you totally can! We do have a format for that though and here it is: I, <your name>, hereby give <posession> to <player name>
    This is called "The Will" you can repeat this for multiple items and multiple players, there is no limit. However, there are some restrictions such as; you cannot be permanently banned because permanently banned players do not have a right to a will. These wills are also binding and can't be edited after possessions have been dispersed.
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