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    May 13, 2019
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    Mabari Publishings is a brand new company, aiming to make the cultural life in Businesscraft more vibrant by publishing talented writers. Our main goal is to ensure the arts thrive, by encouraging creativity through a positive environment.
    While we do have a quality control process, we are willing to give anyone with a talent for writing a chance!

    Our headquarters are situated in Ocean Crown City; you may also find one of our outlets in the mall.


    We are currently hiring!
    All the informations needed will be provided in a book you may find at the headquarters; we will need a sample of your writing before hiring you.
    Contact MapleMabari in game for an interview!
    We will pay you weekly, based on your books' sales, as well as upon receiving new books (if they meet our criterias).
    Pay will be based on the quality of your book, including length, good spelling and interest in the subject.

    There is opportunity for advancement if you wish to become a higher up in the company.
    We offer plenty of benefits, such as free food, a company car, and rent (if flats are available).
    If you are passionate about writing, consider joining us!

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