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    Oct 8, 2019
    Welcome to MaxterPex Law Firm,
    our Owners are Maxterpiece (discord: Maxterpiece#9988), and NetPex (discord: NetPex|Justin#9387).
    Our HQ is in the skyline HQ, the coordinates are; X: 390, Y: 110, Z: 883
    We are a Law Firm if you want to sue someone (or something), or if you are getting sued, you may come to us and we will help you.
    We are currently hiring Lawyers: if you think you meet the following requirements, then DM me, or NetPex on discord;
    • You can handle situations, without flipping out. In other words, you can control your anger.
    • You know the rules and laws of the server and have read the court rules.
    • You know what an Attorney is. (answer: its a lawyer)
    Our discord is: https://discord.gg/4VxCrm8