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    Oct 8, 2019
    If elected, what do you plan to do in Parliament?
    A. I have a lot of plans to bring to the Parlement floor. These plans are mostly business-related such as a Right of First Refusal, which would make it a lot easier for players to buy properties.
    What issues are most important to you and how will you address them as an MP?
    A. Knowing from experience, I was a little upset to find out how few jobs there were, I'm not saying there aren't a lot, I'm saying I think it would be cool to have like a lawyer job.
    What changes, if any, would you make to the current government system and why?
    A. None, how I see the Government system is like a snowy mountain: if the slightest bit of unbalance is caused, an avalanche happens. We are a team, an ecosystem, we need no changes.
    Should any government positions, other than MPs, be elected? If so, which ones?
    A. I would like to make more elections, for example, ministers.
    How do you plan on bringing people back into Politics? We’ve received a lot of requests to remove players’ political roles, so it appears politics may be in a decline.
    A. To be honest, I don't have a plan, politics may be in a decline due to real-world politics, which we cannot change.
    Will you focus on less restrictive or more regulatory laws?
    A. Less restrictive, my goal for being an MP, is to help the people of BusinessCraft, that is my 1 goal
    How do you think your decisions in parliament will positively/negatively impact the player base?
    A. I hope positively, we are not perfect, nobody is, we were made in God's image and even he was not perfect.
    What is Parliamentary jurisdiction in your own words?
    A. Control, over the server. However, I am not running for power, nor money, I am running for the server, not for me.
    If you've been in parliament before, tell us why electing you is the best option? Please address the problem of blocking the flow of new and different ideas into parliament. If you haven't been elected before, How is your lack of experience good?
    A. If the same people get re-elected, is that fun for the rest of the server? I cannot speak for the server, but I can speak for myself, I want to help the server as best I can, and like earlier nobody is perfect.
    What is your response to recent discussions of Political discussion?
    A. Nothing, what they say in there, is what I want for this server.
    Should it be kept or removed? Why?
    A. I think it should be kept, my reasoning is, there people of the server, can reply on political concerns.
    What is your opinion on a recently passed, vetoed, or still pending law?
    A. I think that they are all great.

    I know it's cheesy but I have a slogan: Move From Me To We

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