Bill: Accepted Minimum Amenities Act

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  1. Gabi

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    Title: Minimum Amenities Act

    Type: Creation

    Description: Due to the previous confusion on what to do in the case of an apartment owner lacking a certain necessity of items, this bill will state that apartment owners are not allowed to charge extra krunas in order for a tenant to place necessities in their rented out room.

    Bill: Apartment owners are required to allow a tenant to place at least 1 bed, 1 double chest, 1 crafting table, and 2 furnaces free of extra charge.

    Regulator: Property Inspectors

    Benefits: This will set the confusion on the previous laws for amenities.

    Punishment: 100kr fee per item falsely charged

    Additional Information: Property Inspectors will also be required to send mail to the apartment owner 2 weeks before any punishment is handed out, similar to plots evicted for inactivity.
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