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  1. honeyandstars

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    -Title: Mod's Discretion
    -Type of Motion: Creation
    Elaboration and Reasoning: As a moderator, I have witnessed a very large share of random trolls who come online and spam racist or offensive slurs or just very rude things. They clearly do not want to stay here and enjoy the server for what it is, they just want to spread hate and negativity. Currently, us mods have to wait until they break enough laws to be banned or get permission from an admin to perm ban these players. But do we really want these toxic players on our server? With this motion I am proposing that if one of these given players come online, moderators can use to the punishment they see fit. This can mean a perm mute or a perm ban. Our job is to make sure the server is friendly and positive after all.
    -Other Information: N/A
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