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    Title: More Advertisement Options

    Type of Motion: Addition

    Elaboration: After speaking with a few small business owners, and myself, I have concluded that one of the leading causes of companies and businesses failing is lack of advertisement. With this motion I propose that there can be two additions of different types of advertisements: Billboards and Broadcasts. Here is how billboards would work:

    There are already billboards around the city but they are all empty. There can be an application process in which the DoCE would manage. Billboards will cost 1500 krunas and be up for one week. Applications might go something like this:

    What are you advertising for?:
    <Advertisement picture>:
    Location of Billboard:

    Here is how broadcasts would work. People can pay 1500 krunas to have an advert for their business in the broadcasts. Broadcasts would last for 3 days in the rotation. I think that it is very necessary for an application to go along with broadcasts, so they aren't being spammed.

    Username: What are you advertising for?: Broadcast text + colors:

    Both of these options would be managed by the DoCE and the applications will go under the same forum as the entrepreneur shop access and business grant applications.