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    i have a few suggestions for some quality of life changes for the brewers:
    1. some sort of armour of block that can counteract the temperature of campfires because they are required to do the job and they give you constant nausea unless you have freezing water so I think we should be able to craft some cooling armour out of blue ice or something else to make it balances and warming armour out of magma as well as the ultimate brewing armour which just makes your body temp 30 degrees or some sort of cooling cool.
    2.sort sort of way to better store or carry drinks including bigger stacks or some sort of pouch to better store and carry drinks. final suggestion is some sort of skill system to make it so the more experienced can in this situation better drinks the more that you make them.
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    For the first suggestion you have, it is likely that it would not be possible to make unique types of armor without the use of mods (server uses plugins not mods), although it may be possible to change the protection values of different pieces of armor, but don’t quote me on that. If you are having issues of being cold i’d recommend getting some armor as it will give you protection against that, and if the issue is becoming hot too quickly, you can always take any armor off to help counteract that.
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    To address the first half of your first suggestion, I don't believe it would be practical (maybe even impossible) to introduce an armor that cools you down. It would require a new plugin (and most likely a somewhat complex one, at that) to be made that is also able to hook into the disease plugin we use. For all the effort it would take to make, I personally do not think it would be worth it considering you could just use Freezing/Cold/Cool water.
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    hi dino!

    1. as far as cooling yourself down, why don't you move your campfires away from wherever it is you tend to stand and wait for the timer? the closer you stand to the fire the warmer you'll get, faster.

    also, you could build yourself a little ice closet to cool off in instead of drinking freezing water. or, of course, move your whole operation to a cold biome. then you won't have any trouble at all.

    2. shulker boxes are exactly this.

    3. this is a great suggestion. cabinet will consider this c: