Bill: Accepted Needless Destruction of Landscape Edit

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    Title: Needless Destruction of Landscape Edit
    - Type: Edit
    - Reasoning: With a new Ranger job being added that will enforce wilderness and animal related laws, Needless Destruction of Landscape should be changed from a rule to a law, which will be enforced by Rangers. Destructed area will be repaired by DoA.
    - Bill: Needless and/or excessive destruction of landscape in the wilderness is illegal. Below punishments will be enforced by Rangers and PO's under the DoA's jurisdiction. First Offense: 50kr fine (By Ranger) Second Offense: 100kr fine + 15 Minutes of Supervised Community Service (Planting Trees, Filling In Wholes, etc) Third Offense: 150kr fine + 25 Minutes of Supervised, More Intensive Community Service (Destroying structures, Repairing Landscape)
    -Extra Info: If At any point, the criminal stops working, leaves the community service, or refuses to work from the start, they will face harsher punishments giving out by the Department of Justice. Players who destroy immense amounts of the landscape, such as destroying an entire mountain unnecessarily, or burning down a forest, may be subject to facing higher offense punishments, even though it being their first offense.