Netpex's Election Post February 2020

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    Nov 24, 2019
    I, Netpex, am running for Parliament this February. My playtime is at 17 days and 18 hours and I joined the server around 8 months ago with a five-month brake.

    I Belive I am fit for Parliament As I'm well known by staff and players, I have come up with some great ideas in the past I've held a few successful events. And when I first joined not having a tour guide I think I've come a long way as being one and being a current CC I have worked many jobs and my best interest in the community, I used to play other games but now as soon as I get home BC is the only game I play, and I hope to keep it that way!

    As MP improvements I would Make/change or add:

    • More community spaces for new & old players
    • Improvement in restrictive laws.
    • A Better Community shopping space (Update the grocery store)
    • Add more reason to jobs like farming & Hunters

    • And More,
    If you have any more ideas or thought dm me!
    ~Thank you for your time!
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