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    NFarms or (New Farms) is a recently started company that farms and sells crops. As of now, I'm not looking for employees at the moment, but please reply down below if you want to be hired as a harvester or possibly salesman for NFarms. You can sign up for harvester and if you manage to get the job you will make from 700 Krunas to 1500 Krunas. Your salary will adjust based on your work. Contact doormat#3502 on Discord to sign up.

    Potatoes: k45 a stack
    Wheat: k70 a stack
    NOTE: These prices are negotiable.

    If you would be interested in buying, either contact me on Discord (doormat#3502) or reply down below this post.
    There is currently not an HQ due to that the HQ has recently been moved to a different city and there is a lot of stuff going on right now.
    Although we spend most of our time at our farm at Wild 3, it’s considered an HQ to us.

    - xxxpqnda
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