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    Good evening everyone. This has been something coming for a long time, I just never found the right time to make it official.

    As you're aware, I've been a staff member for this amazing server for nearly 4 years, and an admin for almost 3 of those 4. Over the years I've met some incredible players, friends, and just as great staff members. I've seen many "generations" of player bases come and go. Oftentimes it was hard for me to stay around after certain groups of people would leave, but something about the overall community and atmosphere of the server kept pulling me back in and told me to stay, but like all good things, it ends eventually.

    From the start of my time on the server, I did not have many expectations. I was only just getting back into playing Minecraft after a couple of years of hiatus and decided to look around for any survival-type servers. None of which compared to the loving community BusinessCraft has. So, I gave it a shot and played around, mostly in the wilderness, isolated from most. Some months passed by uneventfully, but I was gradually growing in terms of being rich. Quickly finding one of the easiest ways to earn money on the server at the time -- e-trading. Since no one knew about it, I rose to the top of baltop in just a few weeks, even becoming one of the first players to have 100,000kr in their balance. Wild to think, right? 100k isn't that much nowadays, but back then.. you could literally buy the entire capital city with that.

    I attempted at applying for staff a few times, but no surprise to deny someone that's not known by anyone, lol. But after like three tries, I was politely accepted as a trial moderator. On that first day, I did not expect to get very far in the ranks; everything looked way too complicated for me. Most new staff members, or desiring players, take a look at what they have to do and think it's hard, which at first it is, but after a few goes, everything becomes simple. The most complex part of being a staff member is honestly figuring out what kind of punishments to give to a troublemaker, but even then, due to newer implementations, handling punishments has become incredibly easy. If you genuinely want to be a staff member but are scared you won't be good enough, just go for it. The job is not hard and the admins are understanding if you don't have time, will be away, or don't know how to handle a situation.

    Even before I became an admin here, I was giving my best efforts in creating custom features for the server. At the time, I was only getting familiar with the Skript plugin (a great starter for those without knowledge in programming, in my opinion). Even though I never was able to present something worth implementing, I was still inspired to work harder and get better at programming in general. Hell, the server was my only motivation to continue getting better at it. Anyway, later down the road, I realize there's a lot that Skript can and cannot do. A lot of features I wanted to try making possible were not due to the lack of efficiency within the Skript plugin. So, I gave it a shot to learn how to use the Java language and make JAR plugins. As stressful as it can be sometimes, nothing's more satisfying than seeing your first creation work and be used in a public community. Now, I'm still happy to see some of my small and large plugins being used somewhat actively today; Friends, PlayerInfo, GovernmentGUI, Multi-Respawn Points, City Spawnpoints, OfflinePay, etc. A lot of these things no one asked for, but I still considered them worthy of my countless hours figuring out and implementing.

    None of this would have been possible without the support of everyone in the community. Without all of your comments (good and bad), I'd never have been able to continue growing a lot of projects simply due to my lack of creativity when it comes to original ideas. I always loved when people came to me with additional ideas or bug reports because it not only gave me something to do but showed that at least one person cared enough to use it and wanted to see it get better. On top of all, however, nothing on this server would be possible without the great Koalition. Without him, we never would have had the opportunity to join this amazing community and even better server.

    I know that throughout my time of being on the server, I have made some bad ends with a lot of people. Some of which still hold a massive grudge against me, some have forgiven, and some have just forgotten altogether. I'm not a great person to talk to and have a tendency to say some very negative comments. I cannot blame half the people that simply said, "Fuck you" to me. But to those people, I can say that I have grown from those mistakes and still continue to grow and become a better me. It takes dedication, struggle, and hurt to grow, without those, everyone would be stuck in the same spot. To anyone that still cares enough, I want to try fixing my mistakes and work out any issues. A lot of people say they just need time to get over a situation, but in truth, saying that just means you're not willing to work it out yourself. The time never comes. You either completely forget about the person, or it stays as bottled up emotion in your head, aka a held grudge. There's no point in saying, "I just need time." Be real with someone, if you don't like them anymore, tell them to fuck off, not give them false hope that you'll come around. Nothing hurts more than waiting for nothing to come.

    Just recently my personal life has been changing a lot. Between graduating high school and changing jobs, a lot of me is different from how I was just three months ago. I'm working full time now, every day, so I just do not have the time to be active on the server and get a lot of things done. I hated not being able to help when people came to me about a problem. And even though I still did it, I wasn't able to do much to the fullest. I feel like I let a lot of people down by pushing projects back, not doing them good, or just not doing them at all. For that, I'm sincerely sorry. So, the only thing for me to do is to just get out of the way. Let someone with more time take my spot. It has been almost 3 weeks since my resignation, and frankly, I'm pretty happy mentally. I do miss the server a lot and have considered coming back many times, but it's time I move on, I know some are happy to hear that though.

    Anyway, to wrap this up, I'd like to mention a few people:

    Koalition - Like everyone, when I first met you, I was a bit scared to talk to you. You were stern a lot of the time and didn't know you. Even months into being a staff member, I was nervous around you because I didn't want to make a bad mark. During my Moderator times, I actually thought you did not like me. But now, I realize how soft you are and how easy I can make you cry. Especially when I kick your ass in any game, loser. But don't take that too personally! I've enjoyed working alongside you through countless events, hard and good times, working out a solution to a big problem, and so much more. You are a very dedicated person when it comes to this server, and it wouldn't be as great without your input and hard work.

    Luxaholic - You are one of the chillest guys I've met on the server. You remind me a lot of myself sometimes, especially when it comes to staying quiet and just observing. How you're not famous outside of this server for your amazing building skills is crazy. Seriously, if you showcased a lot of your builds somewhere other than on Reddit (do you even still do this?), you'd get a lot of attention. I might've not said it much, but I appreciate your comments when I did anything plugin work. Whether it was something small or large, you always seemed to take notice of them and often told me I did good or some other positive comment. The little things like that gave me a lot of confidence, thank you.

    Katt - Just like Lux, you were always a very positive, kind, and cool person to be around. You always gave anyone a compliment, met no strangers, and certainly made no one feel bad about themselves. You were incredibly dedicated to keeping Ocean City growing, looking pretty, and being active with the community. Not only that, but you were someone I looked up to the most when you were in staff. You put so much effort in making sure things were pushed through, that everyone was doing what they needed to do and doing it correctly, and despite how frustrating a moment got, you somehow stayed cool when talking publicly (something I struggle with).

    Dog - We don't talk much now as we did months ago, but you're still one of my best friends from this server. I miss the times where you would always sit in a voice chat, even if you were alone. I'd always join when I saw. You were, and still are, a great and friendly guy. I'm glad I was able to convince you to play around with using Skript, and also that you kept going on with it. You know more than I do about it, which is funny to say considering I was using it for years before you, lol. But I'm so proud of how far you've come, and still continue going. Ily <3

    Bharat - I know you're not that active on the server itself anymore, and if I asked you to do something you probably would have forgotten how to do it, but you're still a great admin. You're very intelligent when it comes to almost anything someone asks about, and you never fail to give your input when it's needed. I've seen a lot of dedication from people, but you're one of the most dedicated person I've seen with keeping a streak going -- over 1,000-day streak with saying "Good night people" in global chat. Outstanding work there, lol. Really, no one gives you enough credit for that.

    Shadow - If you and bh were put in a competition for your smarts, it'd be a close battle honestly. You're so young, yet incredibly intelligent. You always push yourself to get something done whilst keeping your priorities straight. I admire your ability to take on so much learning and still continue on a much higher level. Just like with dog, I'm glad I was able to help you get a start in making plugins, even if I wasn't much help shortly after. Heh, you have Jeff now though, so it's not like you need me anyway, lol. Anyway, keep it up, I know you can do it!

    Jeff - We don't talk much at all.. like ever. But you're very helpful and willing to put a lot of time into fixing something for the server or teaching someone how to do something. The server definitely needs someone like you, and I'm happy to know I'm not leaving a hole anymore.

    Realistic - You probably won't see this for a long time (if ever), but you were always fun to talk to and do things with. I was sad when you stepped down from moderator, but I completely understood your decision. I miss us playing *that RP server*, and hopefully, we could get together again and pick up or just start anew. Ily2

    Layzur - My guy, you're a very confident person, I'll give you that. I respect your honesty, too. To be frank, I don't hate or dislike you, there are just too many that I disagree with you on to have a genuine conversation. If I must say now, one of the reasons I never particularly enjoyed talking to you is because you act like the average spoiled rich kid. Just because you have money doesn't mean the world owes you anything and that people will love you because you buy them stuff. You brag way too much about your family's wealth, and no one likes that shit. I'm not the only person that thinks this of you, plenty of others have the same or similar opinion.

    Dani - I always enjoyed us hanging out, playing games, or even just talking in a voice chat. You're sweet and fun when you want to be. I hate that we had a rough end, and I've hoped we can work things out for a long time. I felt I could go to you about a lot of things and that you'd listen. You can say you think I don't trust you all you want to, but if that were true, I wouldn't care so much about you still after all this shit. You can always message me if you want to talk about things or just wanna play something, I don't mind whatever you choose.

    Gabi - You're a bee. Anyway, we were so close for a while. What happened? You just drifted away. Sure we're still friends and casually talk sometimes, but honestly, it feels like you didn't care back then. You and Shadow became friends then I was just a faint memory nearly forgotten about, too quickly.

    Cookiez & Ascended - I'm still waiting for us to play bedwars again so I can wi-... I mean lose because you two are an unstoppable force. Keep bullying Asc twice as much for me, Cookiez.

    Traceface - Hi best friend. Uh yeah, Idk what to say about you lmao. You're kind and hard-working, but we never really spoke personally.

    Riley - Oof... we go far back, lol. But I won't get into that. Just know I kicked your ass in almost every duel. Also, you have fleas, you need to get rid of them.

    Kiko - We had a bit of a rough start. You've matured so much over the months, and I'm so proud of how far you've gotten on the server. You're very high-spirited, and you need to hold on to that. Keep friends you know you can rely on when things start getting dark, they don't come by easily. And don't get shy when talking about your problems to someone, just be careful who you tell them to. I'm not going to tell you who to trust and who not to, but a lot of people won't hesitate to share your private chats with their gossip groups. If you ever want to talk, need help with something, or just want to play something, you can always message me on Discord! Good luck with staff, buddy, I know you'll do great.

    Micki - Save the best for last, right? We've been friends for just over three months, as of typing this. That's not a long time, but it feels like we've been friends for so much longer, and every day we get closer and closer. I'm more than happy to be able to call you my closest friend, topping even that of my IRL friends. I've told you this before; when we first started talking to each other, I was hella skeptical about our friendship. We just got close too fast, I didn't want to hurt you to the point you'd leave, and I definitely didn't think it would last very long, but here we are today. We've been through a lot, I've hurt you a lot, said the wrong things, probably made you hate me at times, but despite it all, you're still here for me. Words cannot express how much I care about you, how much I appreciate everything you've done, and how happy I am that you stayed. You've given me too much that I'll never be able to repay you. You helped me through one of the darkest times I've had in years, a moment I felt I had no one to talk to, felt like nothing I did matters, that no one cared about my countless efforts to fix things, a moment I was ready to give up on life as a whole. After that night, I promised to myself I'd never let you go, and no matter how much I fuck up between us, I'll always still be there for you, even if I'm the one that made you cry. Ily bud, and thank you for everything you have done and still do <3. I don't deserve someone like you, I'm lucky to have you in my life, and I'm working every day to become better for you.

    Okok, I know these things usually result in sharing a will; giving people my stuff and money, but sorry to disappoint. I'm not fully leaving the server, I'll still swing by every once in a while to see how everyone's doing, if there's an event, or if I'm kindly asked to get on for a moment. I just don't want to hang on for too long and get attached again. I don't have plans to return to the server full time, or as a staff member, so don't expect anything from me beyond this point. If things change in the future, though, it'll be a long time from now.

    So..yeah. Byebye
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    ily hybrid <3 take care of urself !!
  4. hotshot80915

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    Enojoy your time away from the server and take care
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    To @HybridPlague
    Truth be said, you have been a great mentor and have become one of my good friends on this server. I'll never stop randomly dming you on asking how you were going, and to be honest, you were one of the main reasons I became staff on here. Thank you for the knowledge you gave me, and no, pfft you probably know more still sir. Enjoy your time and good luck in your future endeavor!

    I love you 2 <3 <3
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    Have a good life hybrid you were a great SA!
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    Have a good life Mr Plague
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    i’ll miss you hybrud ;-;-; sorry we drifted and it was fun being on the staff team with you and workin together <333
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    your the best hybrid im gonna miss seeing you on bc but i know ill see you on discord and im sure we will play other games YOUR SO CATCHAMP and one of the nicest people ever :D
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    oh hybrid…
    I’m going to miss you more than I think you know. You were an amazing person to talk to and the perfect friend. I’ll never forget the time we spent together and the memories we made. Not to add how dedicated you were to your work and your love for helping people. I’ll def bully asc for you, anytime you wanna play bw or even just talk lmk, I already miss seeing you around and talking to you. I’m glad you have been feeling better and wish you the best on-going.

    now go to sleep~
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    You are the oldest friend I have on this server and I’m glad we have stayed friends for so long, you’re a really cool and smart guy hybrid, I’m lucky to have met you, and you will always be one of the goats hehe. Honestly you were given a lot of work to do and I think you are too hard on yourself. You went above and beyond for this server and anyone who was mad at you or frustrated something didn’t get done was wrong for being upset with you. You are the hardest worker and the position you were in was stressful but you stayed dedicated and I have so much respect for you and all that you have done.
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    kat stop ur making me cry
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    Hybrid! I know we had a bit of a weird relationship but I am very sad to see you go. I'd like to apologize for accusing you as a "hacker", and also just being a bit mean to you in general. I hope you forgive me as I now I know the things I did were wrong. I always thought of you as a piece in the puzzle of Businesscraft since you were always trying to improve the server as much as you could. :) Anyways, everything aside, I wish you good luck in life.
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    Aww hybrid~ We'll miss you! ;-; Come visit us~ and Good luck in the world of irl!