Bill: Accepted Obstruction of Justice Consolidation

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  1. Zzz_King

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    - Title: Obstruction of Justice Consolidation
    - Type: Edit and Removal
    - Reasoning: Obstruction of Justice and Perjury are two very similar laws with similar punishments as well. Intimidation of the Opposing Council is also a form of Obstruction of Justice. It would be beneficial to put all of these under 1 umbrella law to keep it more simple and to prevent people from having to jump from bill to bill.
    - Bill: It is illegal to interfere with the process of justice and law by lying or providing false information to a Police officer, in a court case, or about anything crime-related. It is also illegal to bribe a Police officer or Judge in any way. Bribing includes but is not limited to, blackmail, threatening, paying them off, and bullying in any form. Doing so will result in the following punishments:

    1st Offence: 5 minutes Jail
    2nd Offence: 5 minutes Jail + discussion with DoJ to see if the offender should continue practicing law. (If you are a lawyer.)
    3rd Offence: 5 minutes Jail + automatic expulsion from the bar (If you are a lawyer.) A player is allowed to contest this via a lawsuit. In the case of court, a Judge can add an extra fine or punishment based on the severity of a case.

    This includes the removal/consolidation of the following bills: