Event Open Mic Night! (Friday, May 25th) Music Night For All!

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Will you be coming to Open Mic Night! this Friday?

  1. Yeah of course!

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  2. Nope! Sorry, got other plans.

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  1. Vroomba

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    Apr 2, 2017
    Open Mic Night!
    Friday, May 25th, EST 6pm
    BC Community Discord Voice Channel “Open Mic Night”

    1. The law will be applied at all times;
    2. Follow the directions of Staff or DoPa members present;
    3. Respect your peers while they perform;
    4. Do not perform any NSFW content, or content that contains profane language. Chat laws apply here (fricking is an exception)
    5. Have fun!

    What can I perform?
    You can do anything on this list:​
    - Karaoke
    - Read a poem/text
    - Proverbs or Quotes
    - Short Stories (NSFW short stories not allowed). <- This can include stories from reddit for example.
    - Say something nice!
    - Anything that is auditory
    - Play an instrument (piano, strings, vocals, analog DJs... you name it)!
    - Something else approved by the DoPA Minister or a Community Coordinator (If you wish to get appoved, contact sparkleA, Vroomba, or noodlekitten)

    How it will work:

    1. On Friday May 25th at EST 5:30pm, the Minister of the DoPA or Community Cord will ask players if they wish to perform. If you wish to join, politely request it in the Discord or server.
    - Those who wish to, will be put into a schedule, with a list of who is going first and who next etc. You will be messaged in discord to inform you of your order.
    - Requests to enter can be made anytime after EST 5:30pm until the event ends. A list will be put into order at this time.

    2. Every performer must be in the Open Mic Night discord channel by EST 5:55 pm. You may join early if you wish to. You will not be allowed to speak.
    WARNING: Spam-joining/disconnecting will get you kicked from the event

    3. At EST 6pm, the first performer will be unmuted by the present staff member under direction of the present DoPA member, and they will begin performing.
    - Once they are done, staff mute the first performer and unmute the second performer according to the list made by the DoPA.
    - Players can leave or join the discord channel at any time, but will automatically be muted due to the discord permissions set.

    4. Once every performer has gone according to the list, or no more performers are requesting to perform, the event will finish off with the music bot. Anybody can request music to be played by the music bot, as long as it is Safe For Work. NSFW music will get you kicked from the channel.

    Remember to Have Fun!

    Thank you for reading,
    Department of Public Affairs.
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  2. Nature_Girl

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    Mar 15, 2018
    I'm sorry I won't be able to come... Friday is my friends birthday party (2pm-7pm or longer) is on Friday and I can't miss it... :(
  3. bharatj

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    Mar 4, 2018
    I don't know if I will be able to come, because I have to play football Friday evening, but the time hasn't been set.