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  1. FlamingNinja728

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    - Title: Parliamentary Procedure
    - Type: Edit
    - Reasoning: At the current state of the government, as the new term begins for Parliament, a SoP is immediately nominated, and placed into their position with little communication. This makes it unclear as to why the nominee may feel they are fit for the position, and could cause newer MPs to nominate the prior SoP without seeing how they preform behind closed doors.
    - Bill: A debate period will be held the day of the confirmation of new MPs, where nominated candidates for SoP will have the ability to discuss why they should be fit for the position before official SoP voting commences. This debate will take place in the #speaker-nominate section of the Business Craft Discord. During this time MPs may ask questions they feel are necessary, and the responses of these candidates will be made open for the public to view. There will be no predetermined questions for this, as they will be asked based on concerns of MPs, but will follow the format of the MP debate where each nominee answers the questions, followed by a brief follow up discussion period. Each MP has the right to ask no more than 3 questions in order to ensure that with process will take place swiftly, and allow for confirmation of other government officials in a timely manner. This debate will be Moderated by the Previous DoPA Minister, as a new one will not be appointed yet, and the information will be released by the Previous DoPA Minister, and will be released under the "Government Transparency Publications" section of the forums.
    This Process will also take place the day following the Resignation/Removal of office of a SoP. The same conditions as if it were the beginning will apply, except it will be Moderated by the Current DoPA minister, rather than the previous one.
    - Additional Info: Credit to Shadow for helping with the idea.
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