Bill: Accepted Perjury

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  1. FlamingNinja728

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    - Title: Perjury
    - Type: (Amendment/Removal/Creation): Creation
    - Reasoning: It should very much be illegal to lie in Court and there should be consequences for it.
    - Bill: It is illegal to lie to the courts or to purposely put evidence that is designed to mislead or lie to the courts. It is also illegal to purposely submit evidence that you know is to be false. As long as it can be demonstratively proven that you lied to the courts, you can be charged for it. Punishment : 1st offense: 5 min jailtime 2nd offense: 5 min jailtime + discussion with DoJ to see if the offender should continue practicing law. 3rd offense: 5 min jailtime + automatic expulsion from the bar (Fired from the lawyer job).