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    As a Pharmacist, you’re responsible for providing the citizens of BusinessCraft with basic treatments of the most common diseases. Only Pharmacists can craft and sell Pharmacy items through chest shops (or in whichever method they choose to sell their product).


    This guide can be used to refer back to any of the crafting recipes for these treatments. However, in-game, you can use to commands /disease remedy list and /disease remedy info (remedy name) for these crafting recipes at any time!

    • Bandage
      • You can craft Bandages by using 8 pieces of paper surrounding 1 wool block in a crafting table. When you craft Bandages, they come in a bundle of 5.

      • Bandages are used to cure the diseases known as ‘Flesh Wound’ and ‘Open Wound.

    • Leg Splint
      • You can craft Leg Splints by using 6 sticks, placing 3 vertically, back-to-back on the crafting table.

      • Leg Splints are used to cure the disease known as ‘Broken Leg.’

    • Warm Gel
      • You can create Warm Gel by smelting Magma Cream in a furnace.

      • Warm Gel is used to cure the disease known as ‘Pneumonia.’

    • Soothing Potion
      • You can create Soothing Potion by mixing Sugar into a Water Bottle.

      • Soothing Potion only reduces illness with a small chance of curing disease.

    Pharmacists are also required to follow all Medical Laws that may apply to them. To learn more about these laws, you may do so by clicking here.
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