Pig_Girl2003’s Election Post February 2020

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    Jan 2, 2019
    • I, Pig_Girl2003, am running for MP this February. My playtime as of the second of this month is seven days plus sixteen hours and I joined the server about one year and a month ago.

    I am well suited for parliament because I am hardworking and I have experience with leadership roles in real life. I also don’t give up easily and that can the shown by the fact that despite taking a while to bring myself out of being poor, I still managed to keep going, and eventually I pulled myself out. I will take actions within Parliament that will work towards the benefit of the people who put me in office and for Business Craft as a whole. I am also open-minded, which allows me to be able to see different sides of an issue, even if I didn’t initially agree with what was said. Vote Pig_Girl2003 this February!

    As MP improvements I would look to add to the game are:

    • Protection for new players
    • Assistance for the poor
    • Equal opportunities
    • Fair pay
    • Antitrust laws

    There will be more to come!
    Any questions can be answered here, or you can message me on Discord. I’m Pig_Girl #4045 on there!