Lawsuit: Dismissed Pig_Girl2003 vs. Government

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  1. Pig_Girl2003

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    Jan 2, 2019
    Your honor,

    I would like to bring to light an incident from the past that has occurred. In the beginning of December 2019, I was fired from the tour guide position for showing players apartments that I own on the basis that it’s a violation of Sherlock Accords. I have since then served the punishment for such violation, but I bring this event to light because I would like to point out some issues with said event. As a result of these flaws, I would like this event to be removed from my record. First of all, I was fired from the position of tour guide. Here is a gray area. All of the government jobs except for tour guide and doctor require you to apply on the forums. You could argue that those two should count as government jobs due to the fact that both jobs give you a salary paid for by government funds. However, you could also argue that those two jobs are not government jobs being that either job takes up your one non-government job slot and you don’t receive a tag for either job on the forums. Since both jobs take up your non-government job slot, it’s not possible to have either job (or both) as well as one of the true non-government jobs (ie farmer and brewer). These two jobs also require you to take an exam to have the job on the server, more closely to the procedure of acquiring a non-government job than a government job. Due to these factors, this can make it confusing for players as these two jobs more closely resemble non-government jobs than they do government jobs. I had no way of knowing at that time that the job of tour guide is considered a government job, and henceforth I had no way of knowing that showing apartments to new players would violate Sherlock Accords. For the reasons I have stated above, I would like to sue for wrongful dismissal, and as a result, I would like this incident to be removed from my records, and to never be held against me in the future.
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    Mar 25, 2017
    This case will be deemed frivolous and dismissed for a few reasons.
    1. You admitted to being in violation of the Sherlock Accords.
    2. Tour Guide is indeed a Government job, as stated in the "Government of BusinessCraft" post. That can be found here.
    I will not be putting the government on trial for this. Tour Guides should know they are a government employee since they are paid by the government.


    Court Status: This court case was dismissed by Judge _Info_