Bill: Accepted Player Distribution of Cures

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  1. puppy_lover153

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    -Title: Player Distribution of Cures

    -Type of Motion (Edit/Removal/Creating): Creation

    -Elaboration & Reasoning: Player's should not have cures in bulk to begin with and the distribution of cures, whether it is for free or being sold, it renders the job of a Doctor useless.

    'Player's are prohibited from distributing cures to other player's (To be perfectly clear, the only one's that should be administering cures would be the Doctor's/Administrators within the DoH). If a player is caught breaking this law, punishment will be as followed:

    First Offense: 40 Krunas Fine per bottle.

    Second Offense: 60 Krunas Fine per bottle + 15 minutes of Jail

    Third Offense: 80 Krunas Fine per bottle + 30 minutes of Jail This law excludes items that are sold in pharmacy.'

    -Other Information: This does fall under our jurisdiction since this law concerns the average citizens, not Doctors. This would tie up with my previous motion. In green is what I want to be specifically added.
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