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    Jan 3, 2019
    Hello, Citizens of Businesscraft,

    I am ReaperEduardo may or not know me but am running For Parliament my current playtime Is 72 days and 23 hrs for the longest time I have been a Po on the server and Become an Env.manger 3 months ago and I met people of the community and some great people really honor to run this term

    I, ReaperEduardo, am seeking the position of Member of Parliament for the June 2020 election.
    I wanted to run for parliament because I'm actively involved with the community and I wanted to run for this term. I've been in 2 departments for a while now and parliament is my goal. Being elected would allow me to reach out and actively hear people out about their concerns/opinions, and also would allow me to be more successful in my job as your next MP.

    My goal as an MP is to propose new laws and regulations to further improve government jobs and to help the government establish better opportunities for transport and to reevaluate the economy.

    Vote for ReaperEduardo

    Let's fight together
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