Bill: Accepted Refusal of Treatment

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  1. CatchEmAll1

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    - Title: Refusal of Treatment
    - Type of motion (Edit/Removal/Creation): Creation
    - Elaboration & Reasoning: On multiple occasions there have been players that have contracted a contagious disease and refuse treatment and go around purposefully infecting people. I suggest that if a player refuses treatment a Police Officer(PO) or Hospital Secretary(HS) can send them to quarantine so that a player cannot go around infecting others. Once in quarantine a Doctor would be able to heal the player and then they would be able to go free only after they have used the cure. Although, if a player had infected others they would have to pay each player they infected the amount the cure costs plus an addition 15 krunas as a fine.
    - Other: Credit to Koal for helping improve this motion.