Bill: Accepted Removal Bills Forum Separation Act

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Veto Override

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  1. stinkycow

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    - Title: Removal Bills Forum Separation Act
    - Type: Creation
    - Reason: Currently when a law is removed the bill it is targeting gets moved to "Rejected/Invalid Bills" and the act of removal is moved from a motion to the "Accepted Bills" Category. Removal bills should not be lumped in with Accepted Bills. When seeing a list of active laws, acts of removal should not be included.
    - Bill: Create a new Forum thread in the same area as "Accepted Bills" and "Rejected/Invalid Bills" and call it "Acts of Removal" (Or similar). Any Bill with the Type: Removal will be moved here. - Additional Information: The creation of this Bill intends to separate our bills into more easily distinguishable sections in Accordance with KISS.
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  3. Koalition

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    The threads can just be moved to Rejected bills and/or a reply can be put by the Speaker that the law has been removed.


    This bill has been vetoed by the President.

    Learn more about the process of legislature »
  4. Matt

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    I voted... Don't suicide me in a jail cell! :-O
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  6. xlayzur

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    This bill first came to a vote of 9:0 which passed through parliament. The president's response to the veto was:
    Parliament overrides the veto with a unanimous vote, making this bill a new Act of Parliament.