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Do you want the Thirst plugin removed?

  1. Yes, I want it removed.

    15 vote(s)
  2. No, I want it to stay.

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  1. SlimeEmperor

    SlimeEmperor Moderator Staff Member Moderator Minister of Agriculture Environment Manager Donator

    Mar 24, 2017
    - Username: SlimeEmperor
    - Suggestion Title: Removal of Thirst Plugin
    - Elaborate (Why do you think it should be added, how will it improve the server, etc.):
    The Thirst plugin is something that the majority of players do not like. Your thirst level drains extremely quickly, and unlike Minecraft's hunger system it has no indicator until suddenly you have slowness and are "very thirsty". Making this even more of a gripe, after drinking it still takes up to a minute for the slowness effect to go away. This plugin makes playing a pain at times and it is quite unnecessary. It does provide any enjoyment or benefit to the community; it simply annoys players and is a pain, quite frankly. There is no justifiable reason to keep it aside from "realism", and I would argue that Minecraft's hunger system provides enough realism and the Thirst plugin's added "realism" is not worth how much of a pain it is for players. Removing this plugin would not hurt the economy in any way as selling water bottles is not a large industry, most players simply carry around water bottles and refill them when needed.
    - Does this require the installation of a new plugin (Yes/No): No, but it does require one to be removed.
    - If you answered Yes on the previous question, please link the plugin (Leave blank if you answered No): N/A
    - Additional Information: Thank you for considering this suggestion. I will attach a poll so any players reading this can easily express whether or not they want this plugin removed.
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  2. Koalition

    Koalition The President Staff Member Owner President of BusinessCraft

    Mar 23, 2017
    The thirst plugin does notify you on 3 occasions when your thirst levels reach a certain %.
    I have since changed this and upped the levels a bit so you could get these messages more frequently.

    Overall, I think it's another important and realistic addition to the server which provides players with an additional challenge.
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