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    Aug 4, 2017
    - Title: Representative Minister without Portfolio
    - Type of motion: Creation
    - Elaboration & Reasoning: There are up to two ministers without portfolio (advisers) in Cabinet at any given time. Under the system in place at the time of this motion, advisers are appointed by the PM and confirmed by the Cabinet. I motion that one of the adviser slots continue to be filled in that way, but the other one be nominated by the PM but elected by the people. The process will take place every other month during the months the MP election is not taking place. The schedule will go as follows:
    8th & 9th - Anyone is free to suggest candidates they feel would be good for this position to the Prime Minister through DMs.
    10th - The Prime Minister will announce three people to enter the election.
    10th-13th - Players may ask any questions to the candidates to gauge how they should vote in order to ensure voting is based on policy not popularity.
    13th-18th - Elections will occur on the forums where players are free to vote for one candidate.
    19th - The winning candidate will be announced and assume their position as adviser.
    - Other Information: Original idea by Kat