Bill: Accepted Rules and Policies Training

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    Title: Rules and Policies Training

    Type: Creation

    Reasoning: A common issue I see on the server is that often, people are fired from their jobs in cabinet departments when they didn't even know that they did anything wrong. When a government employee breaks a policy that they didn't know about, it should be up to the department that they work under to attempt to correct the behavior, instead of just firing the employee outright.

    Bill: If an employee was fired and/or banned from a department for breaking a rule that they were unaware of, they have every right to sue the government for wrongful dismissal. If the government cannot prove that the employee was taught about the policy they violated, the employee should win the case. This law will be invalid in extreme circumstances where the violation was so obvious that the employee likely knew what they were doing. It is up to the presiding judge to decide if a situation counts as "extreme" or not.