Bill: Accepted Separation of Power Amendment Act

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  1. xEndeavour

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    - Title: Separation of Power Amendment Act
    - Type: Amendment
    - Reasoning: The Government tab doesn't currently outline the roles and power of the judiciary.

    - Bill:

    That the roles and powers of the judiciary be:

    - The Judicial branch, consisting of the courts, interprets the law, as written by the legislature and administered by the Executive.
    - The courts consist of 3 Judges, or where there is a judge vacancy, the Speaker of Parliament when required.
    - The courts make judgements on criminal appeal cases such as appeals on unwanted PvP and traffic violations.
    - The courts make judgements on civil cases such as wrongful dismissal and suing.
    - The courts are able to issue warrants to the Department of Justice.
    - The courts are responsible for resolving government disputes.
    - Law legality challenges (pending)