Bill: Accepted Server population limiting city creation

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    - Title: Server population limiting city creation
    - Type of motion (Edit/Removal/Creation): Creation
    - Elaboration & Reasoning: Currently we have 5 cities, The Capital, Covington, Ocean Crown City, Palm Bay, and Westwood City. The current active server population lies a little bit above 100 players (110 from the last poll). I feel like we should be able to cut off the creation of more cities when looking at the servers active population. It’s every inefficient to keep creating cities when we don’t have a big enough player base. My proposal is this will be placed as a statement on the creation of city post, and in order to calculate the server active population the DoPA (because they handle city relations anyway) could place a poll that will last 72 hours on the first weekend of every other month (bimonthly) to keep us updated. I was told it wouldn’t be extremely accurate because new players would answer the poll but it wouldn’t be far off from the actual value. So sparks suggested we have the poll ask how long since they have joined and we would eliminate answers that are under one week. I would suggest we make it 30 players per city created from now on. Until we exceed 150 players another city cannot be created.
    - Other Information: Thanks to Sparks for helping me <3