Supersuperking's Election Post February 2020

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    Mar 23, 2019
    I, Supersuperking, am running for MP this February. My current playtime is 29 days and 19 hours and I joined the server 10 months ago.

    I am well suited for Parliament, as I am one of the hardest working people on Business Craft. Starting from scratch I was able to build the blueprint for revolutionary changes in the game. I implemented a significantly improved banking system that continues to have a positive effect on Business Craft today, know as “IBC”. In addition to my strong work ethic, I understand and know who my supporters are in Business Craft. My actions within Parliament will work towards the benefit of the people who put me in office and for Business Craft as a whole. Furthermore, I will work diligently to consider all angles of a problem to see if the opposition might have correct ideas, rather than becoming defensive around issues I stand for. The sum of these values is exactly what a member of Parliament needs to be successful and work for the people. Vote Supersuperking this February!

    As MP improvements I would look to add to the game are:

    • Protection of farming jobs

    • Equal opportunities for new players

    • Antitrust laws expansion

    • Fair pricing of items

    • Interest rate caps
    And many more to come!

    If you have any further ideas please contact me in-game or on discord

    ---Thank you for your time.
  2. supersuperking

    supersuperking Citizen

    Mar 23, 2019
    (1.) If elected, what do you plan to do in Parliament? What issues are most important to you and how will you address them as an MP?

    I would hope to control how parliament functions at the start to ensure that everything works to the best of its ability after that I would look to helping new players and adding needed regulations

    (2.) Will you focus on less restrictive or more regulatory laws?

    I will try to find the correct medium between the two as I view business craft would work best when some areas are regulated strongly and others more relaxed

    (3.) Do you plan on being active in parliament for the entire term? (4 months)

    Yes I do

    (4.) If you've been in parliament before, tell us why electing you is the best option?

    I have a strong understanding of business craft and am able to work for what is best for the server #make BC Super again

    (5.) What are your views on the upcoming changes to the Government system and what changes would you make if any and why?

    I like the upcoming government system as of right now I don’t see any changes that need to be made but only time will tell

    (6.) What are your views on the private hospital proposal and vaccine syringes that has been discussed in political-discussion?

    The answer here is pretty clear there is no need for private hospitals nor can we even create them. Smells kinda stinky huh?

    (7.) What is your opinion on a recently passed, vetoed, or still pending law?

    The recent bills are very important to the function of government and safety of player while the recently denied seeming fairly reckless In my opinion

    (8.) How do you think your decisions in parliament will positively/negatively impact the player base and what are your plans to help make the experience for the new players better and encourage them to stay?

    I know my decisions in parliament will positively impact Business Craft as I will try to make sure that everyone is heard along with this I will try to make Business Craft more inviting and friendly to new players, by adding laws to make it fun for everyone