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Server Suggestion The department of education

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Croldfish, Sep 29, 2020.

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  1. Croldfish

    Croldfish Citizen

    - Username: Croldfish
    - Suggestion Title: The Department of education
    - Elaborate (Why do you think it should be added, how will it improve the server, etc.): Basically, there can be 2 kinds of teachers. The first one is government employed and can teach things that the government has courses on. The second one is a private teacher and they can teach any subject they want. Both will have access to classrooms in the university, both will not be allowed to give out test answers. Those are what guides are for. Teachers can set times of class, how long they will be. This should be under a new branch of government (idk what its called) the department of education. There can be a principal, other higher-ups, it can set course material, it can regulate what teachers can do and monitors teachers.
    - Does this require the installation of a new plugin (Yes/No): maybe. I'm not sure if new jobs require new plugins.
    - If you answered Yes on the previous question, please link the plugin (Leave blank if you answered No):
    - Additional Information: In order to be a teacher, you must take a test to get an education license. Once you do, you can be a private tutor/minor educator and you can take another test to become a real teacher. You do not have to be a tutor first, but it is a good way to get practice. Tutors do not get paid in any way. If you pass the test, you can sign on to be a teacher for the government or a private one. It is possible to be both. If you are asking about a school year, idk let the lawmakers decide. The principal may manage the government teachers and super intendants handle all of the teachers. (private ones too.) Thanks for reading this, I am acting like a teacher by making you all read a giant block of text. sorry lol. bye
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  3. kitty

    kitty Police Officer Police Officer

    ooh this is a good idea, but maybe to become a teacher you could fill out a form in the fourms like other gov jobs
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  5. Croldfish

    Croldfish Citizen

    but that would be for the government teachers. private teachers just have to take a test and they wouldn't teach governemnt material. But i love the idea though! thanks!
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  7. Croldfish

    Croldfish Citizen

    Also, teachers could collab (only government can collab with government and vice versa) and private teachers could work for private schools/companies.
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  9. kitty

    kitty Police Officer Police Officer

    yea and maybe there could be text books and stuff, and maybe they could add like an age thing where when you join your a kid and you go through school and depending on your jd you become an adult, idk lol
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  11. Croldfish

    Croldfish Citizen

    Maybe not like where you start out as a kid but you can take cources and recive a deploma in basic studies and like a phd in different subjects. idk
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  13. Zzz_King

    Zzz_King Member of Parliament Member of Parliament Ranger Police Officer

    sounds interesting
  14. Natalie Anonymous

    Natalie Anonymous Citizen

    yea I suggested a ton of this a while ago when I was thinking of starting the UBC (university of BC) but it turned out to be a flop because in order to complete it, you have to create all of the courses being taught, regulate how they are taught, and then hire people who actually want to teach them. a( thats a ton of work. and b( theres already a DoE (department of Employment) so that would be supper confusing. C( the gov would have to do all the work, and they're already basically streched thin with a ton of other projects. and finally, D( I don't think players would pay to have a class in something that the guides explain for free. the only place that would work is maybe Entrepreneur. Good luck Tho! hope your idea goes through
  15. Croldfish

    Croldfish Citizen

    I guess the people who make the courses would be the first teachers, then the government would approve it. Idk. I am just loving all of these ideas and support!
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  17. LobsterRoast

    LobsterRoast Moderator Staff Member Moderator Minister of Health Community Coordinator Donator

    At one point there was the Department of Commerce and Education as well as Education Secreteries, but that department got split into the Department of Economy and the Department of Business Development (The latter of which was absorbed in the DoE). Education Secreteries are gone now and honestly i couldnt really tell you what they did as i wasnt around when they existed. Personally I don't really see the point in this considering you didn't give any examples of what kind of courses they could even teach, and they can't give out exam answers.

    Also to answer your question, new jobs don't require new plugins.
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  19. kailabeann

    kailabeann Minister without portfolio Minister without portfolio Donator

    To echo what lobsterroast said, the "education" of players is split between the DoE and DoPA. DoE handles job guides and exams, and DoPA handles things like tours and server history. I can appreciate the concept but in execution, this would not only be really difficult to manage course material, reliability, and logistics, it would be redundant because the job guides are offered on the forums for free. It would be difficult to justify the government paying players to teach something someone can read about themselves.

    For private teachers and tutors, I'm not sure players would be lining up to pay for classes that wouldn't give them any kind of advantage in-game. It would also be a huge commitment from the teachers to create and manage coursework and each individual students' progress. I just don't see that happening from either end of the deal.
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  21. hotshot80915

    hotshot80915 Moderator Staff Member Moderator Member of Parliament Police Officer Hospital Secretary Donator

    I don’t see much use in “teachers” because there is no education system. Furthermore with have the DoE like lobster said which already covers jobs and economic changes.
  22. Natalie Anonymous

    Natalie Anonymous Citizen

    yes precisely ppls this is a really hard suggestion to pull off and lets be honest, this is a video game, no one wants to go to school.
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  24. Croldfish

    Croldfish Citizen

    well it was an interesting concept. it's not able to be pulled off but I think its pretty cool.