Bill: Accepted The Inadequate Mayors Act

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  1. Zzz_King

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    Title: The Inadequate Mayors Act
    - Type of motion (Edit/Removal/Creation):
    - Elaboration & Reasoning: With player owned Cities and Towns being a fairly big part of the server, we expect the leadership of them to be actively working to improve and expand them. However, when a mayor is unable or unwilling to work on their Town/City, whether from lack of motivation, server inactivity, or any other means, the ‘settlement’ becomes irrelevant on the server, and often inactive. Currently, if this happens to a ‘settlement’, it just sits, with little to no activity. The purpose of this bill is to remove inactive mayors and settlements.

    Claim of Inadequacy Process: A Claim of Inadequacy can be made against a Mayor under these conditions: The city/town does not meet the requirements of the respective settlement types. The city/town is seen as having little to no progress (determined by cabinet and approved by parliament). A public petition is created to remove the mayor from their mayoral position and it receives 25 signatures. A Claim of Inadequacy is instantly started against a Mayor under these conditions: The mayor is inactive on the server for 3 weeks. After COI Reason is justified the mayor has a chance to defend themselves in front of Executive and Legislative branches. This will be recorded by DoPA.

    If a mayor is deemed ‘Unfit’ to run their town or city, they will lose it. They will also be barred from becoming that city or town's mayor in the future. The Mayor will be reimbursed the 3kr land cost of the city/town (3kr is averaged from the 4kr and 2kr prices) The City/Town is now owned by the government. Cabinet and Parliament will make a joint decision on a further course of action, these are.
    - Removal of the Town/City's Official Status
    - Selling or Auctioning the Town/City to a new mayor
    - Turning it into a Government City (Like Westridge)
    - Giving the city to its Council or Co-Mayor
    After the Government decides which course of action it is taking Cabinet will take an official vote. If this is approved it will go to the Final vote of Approval from Parliament. At this point in time Cabinet will make the necessary adjustments and the COI ends.

    - Other Information: The word ‘Settlement’ is interchangeable with City/Town
    If a Claim of Inadequacy is started against a Mayor they may not transfer their position to anyone else until it is disputed.
    If a City has several Mayors and a COI is made against one of them, the COI applies to both unless because of inactivity or reasoning in the public referendum. Major Credit to Derpgaming for the original idea and a lot of the wording.
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