Lawsuit The World Business Conglomerate vs. Miningstar45

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  1. _Info_

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    Mar 25, 2017
    Hello, Miningstar45 is in possession of a plot that is mainly used by employees of World Agriculture. This plot although not in my name and his own plot by rights is extremely important to the day to day operations of World Agriculture.

    Due to the defendant going seemingly inactive on BC, and has failed to respond to any communications I have tried to make in the past two weeks, I have no other option than to bring this to court. The owner of the plot has the power to add or remove people from the plot. This is something that I need the ability to do if I am going to run a Business. I cannot edit perms on the plot which makes it extremely difficult for my Employees to farm efficiently.

    Seeing how the defendant is inactive I believe that it is necessary for the plot to be transferred to me in order to continue Business with my Company. The plot in question is bc-185.

    Thank you.
  2. ferre007_

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    Jun 7, 2017
    Hello @_Info_

    By law, you must have clear evidence that the Defendant, in this case @MiningStar45 has given you permission to take ownership of the plot. This evidence would have to be given to a member of staff who then could determine if the evidence is real and if so transfer ownership of the plot.

    I will give you a week to get the evidence needed to proceed with this court case.

    Thank you.