TheMightyZulf's Election Thread (August 2019)

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    If you know me, you're probably thinking "well, this is a surprise".
    If you know me WELL, you're probably thinking "I can't believe it".

    If you know me TOO well, you're probably thinking "why the hell is he running?".

    I hope that last question can finally be settled right now. I'm TheMightyZulf, a 17 year old human male who's running to be an MP for a lot of things, the bulk of which includes you as a citizen.

    To establish a bit of credibility on my part, in the brief time that I have spent on this server I've accomplished quite a bit of things that I hope would provide a description as to who I am. I've started my own banner design company (ShieldArts Inc), I'm a manager at Ultima Supply Co., CPO at Elechron Corporation, a board member for the Town of Troutman, and a Tour Guide. I remain very active on the server and have a playtime of 4 days and 13 hours. Especially as a TG, I routinely educate players and have an extensive knowledge of laws and the functions of the server that would definitely be able to aid me as an MP if the need ever arises.

    But all this is negligible if you do not envisage what I stand for. Specifically, I'd like to bring a more direct communication between citizens and the government. Democracy loses its merit and efficacy if those that are elected are not extensions of the people's will. I hope to expand the communication that this system holds.

    It's at this point that I would like to make it clear: I will not be making any promises I cannot keep. That means I won't be making promises during this campaign phase (so I can maintain plausible deniability).

    Instead, I'll tell you what I am interested in. One such idea is something that many have discussed, and that is the decentralization of the capital city. I feel this may be good because there are many cities and towns on the map that deserve their due but are not receiving an influx of citizens, entrepreneurs, and workers to help them grow. A way this could be accomplished without obstructing the spawn point (although that could be a viable solution) is proposing a bill that would cap the amount of companies and businesses being headed in Capital City, which would encourage entrepreneurs and investors branch outward and therefore increase traffic flow of workers and unemployed citizens into other cities. A way this could also work is placing an incentive on property purchases and on startups that are located outside of Capital City. I have a few other ideas that I'll choose not to go in depth on for the sake of keeping this campaign thread brief.

    Speaking of which, I am also interested in an embassy hall at Capital City that would include all other cities and towns,giving players a diplomatic overview of the attractions of each city and each town.

    I am also interested in the adding of a few plugins that would improve the realism factor on the server. A few ideas include one that many people have already suggested, such as a phone plugin, as well as a "blockball" plugin that would allow you to play soccer in minecraft (which would allow for some crazy DoPA events as well as sports being a part of BC). If this is not possible, I am interested in at least mechanics and laws that would accomplish this, such as stop signs and yield signs on roads as well as a "drinking age" (for example, you'd have to have a playtime of 10 days in order to drink alcohol to reflect the real-life age restriction).

    I am also interested in an increased role for farmers in the larger scale of economics. One such idea that could help this comes to mind in the form of the creation of a farmer's market where farmers can directly sell their crops to, and then players can come and purchase produce that those farmers sold. I feel this would offer an incentive to farmers as well as answer the growing need for food, as I see players on the daily that ask for food in global chat.

    The rest is up to you. I cannot predict what problems will arise during this next term of MPs, but I promise that I will find a way to solve them. What I am interested in as listed above is just a portion of what I can fit into a human's short attention span. I have many ideas, and I hope you like them.

    Cheers, and best of luck to all candidates. I know many who have the genius and fervor to make great MPs. I support you all.
    For questions, concerns, and if you want me to further tell you details of my campaign, message me directly on Discord at Zulfi#7563. My DMs are open for you and so are my ears.

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    Gl TheMightyZulf
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    Good luck fellow candidate
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    good luck!
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    good luck !!
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    good luck comrade
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    Good luck Zulf!
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    Yo this guy's cash money
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    Good luck!!
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