Bill: Accepted Trespass Amendment Act

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- Title: Trespass Amendment Act
- Type of motion (Edit/Removal/Creation): Edit
- Elaboration & Reasoning: Fuse the trespass laws for government property and private property into one trespass law.
- Other Information: The punishments for each of the crimes is very similar, see below.

"Trespassing on private property
First Offence: Verbal Warning
Second Offence: k60 fine
Third Offence: k60 fine + 5 minutes jail
Fourth Offence: k200 fine + 10 minutes jail"

"Trespassing on Government Property
First Offence: k60 fine
Second Offence: k100 fine + 5 minutes jail
Third Offence: k100 fine + 10 minutes jail
Fourth Offence: k200 fine + 20 minutes jail"

Trespass is trespass, regardless of whose property it is on. This bill will simplify and fuse the two laws into one.


First Offence: K20 fine
Second Offence: K60 fine
Third Offence: K60 fine + 10 minutes jail
Fourth Offence: K200 fine + 15 minutes jail
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