triman123's election post (june 2019)

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    Mar 4, 2019
    hello, as some of you may know i, triman123, will be running for the position of mp this june, and i would like to inform everyone about my views.

    so to start this is a very universal problem, jobs such as tour guides and doctors being taken by players who are new, which in and of itself may not be a bad thing in all cases but in most cases with tour guides as an example. the job tour guide requires a significant knowledge of the server and its laws, doctor is not as bad as tour guide since you dont need a significant understanding of the server, just an understanding of the doctor plugin, which is very easy to learn because the forums which have everything about it on them. in my opinion an easy way to fix this is for the price of cures to go up and take out the paycheck for doctor, thus inflating the income from the sale of cures. but on the other hand the same cant be said for tour guide, tour guide as a job has no way to earn money except for the paycheck, an easy way to fix this is to require training, or a very extensive test, or even making this a forum applied job.

    the second issue i will cover is the new property laws, to simplify these new laws you are not allowed to have multiple plots in the suburbs which in turn kills most chances for a real estate business (especially if they are just renting). i believe that these laws should be completely abolished as it hurts players who have spent time building their portfolios of property just for it all to be shut down because of an influx of new players. i think it would be easier and with less backlash to just extent the suburbs and possibly even have a few government owned apartment buildings.

    the third and final issue i will be covering is the new bus system, i think it is great! since it is cheaper but the issue is the new time, i think the button on the bus should bring up a menu that tells you the price of a ticket to that place, then have a 3-10 second timer then traveling them directly to that place, this would be similar to the planes on the server.

    those are my views and if you have any questions or concerns please post them in the comments and i will do my best to address them!