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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by drew8716, Jul 22, 2020.

  1. drew8716

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    Feb 16, 2020
    - Username: Drew8716
    - Suggestion Title: Uber Job
    - Elaborate (Why do you think it should be added, how will it improve the server, etc.): Well there's already Taxi drivers, but they're not really profitable for the driver and are too expensive for most folk when they can walk or use buses. I propose an "Uber" role that could be used while having another job, sort of like entrepreneur. They could turn on and off the Uber role like the Entrepreneur role could. If there were to say, be too many people who were doing uber, perhaps the Uber role could be a second certification people could get with certain jobs such as Tour Guide, good amount of tour guide with there being not too many and not too little for it to work, most Tour Guides aren't doing as much active work compared to other jobs so they could maybe get an uber certification, especially since they are already used to helping new players and the majority of people using uber will probably be new players it would fit nicely.
    - Does this require the installation of a new plugin (Yes/No):No(Assuming it could be added on using the current job and plugin system)
    - If you answered Yes on the previous question, please link the plugin (Leave blank if you answered No):
    - Additional Information:
  2. Ferngrove2004

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    Apr 15, 2020
    entrepreneur is already a server qualification that you can have along with any of the other qualifications and one regular job. Taxi driver is also already a qualification as well. Being able to turn taxi driver on and off would be really cool though!

    And Taxi driver is basically the same thing as what you're suggesting, and the reason that prices are higher is because it's an actual person working opposed to a TP system :)

    On another note, I resent the comment that Tour Guides don't do as much as work as other jobs, because from experience and from watching other TG's work, we do work very hard~ We just have breaks in between our work times ;)