Important Update to 1.14.4, return of Vehicles & Ultra Crates!

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    Mar 23, 2017

    Hi everyone!
    I'm proud to announce that the server is now on version 1.14.4.
    It also supports all the 1.15.x versions, should you choose to connect with them.

    In addition to all the new features, items and cute animals the 1.14 version brings, we are also bringing back the community-favorite Vehicles plugin!

    Just like before, you will be able to take the Driver exam from the University.
    Vehicles will be purchasable in the old car dealership, located behind the spawn.

    We are also bringing back the Bulk Shop, found in the Government Shop where you will be able to purchase fuel and vehicles in bulk, should you make a wholesale/retail business.

    We have added Ultra Crates which contain rare items such as a Helicopter Vehicle, Super tools, and other items mostly inspired by the 1.14 update! We are kicking that off with a 15% off sale!

    As a closing statement, I want to thank everyone for their patience with the Vehicles and other server updates. And as always, please report bugs by clicking here or by going on discord and creating a ticket under #support.