Vauxin's Election Post (Feb 2020)

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    • Your username: Vauxin
    • Your age: 11
    • Your activity on the server: Gonna be every day for a couple hours because I found out Minecraft isn't crash heaven now for me.
    • When you joined the server: 8 months ago.
    • Why you think you are suited to be a Member of Parliament: I have never been a member of Parliament so I would like to try something new and see how it goes for me if I did get voted into it. I like the idea of all the bills I could make run into play, I also want to create bills I'd think would fit the server and help the server.
    • What kind of laws would you vote for/against: It would really depend on the law itself, If I personally disliked the law I'd vote against it, if I personally liked the law I'd vote for it, like I said it matters on the law itself!
    • Extra: I hope ur happy koal  (இдஇ; )
    • Debate answers↓
    • 1: I have never been member of parliament before so I don't really know how all the bill making and stuff like that really

      2: Less restrictive because if ALL of the laws are really harsh and strict it could scare away players just playing thinking the server is all about strict laws and it isn't fun.

      3: I would try but if something came up I have to be honest, I don't know if I could stay the whole term but id try my best.

      4: I haven't been in Parliament before.

      5: I like the new government system, I don't think I'd make any changes to it at the moment.

      6: I don't think that it is a good idea because doctors wouldn't get paid alot because of everyone going to a private hospital.

      7: Codes increasing banknote amount law that was vetoed, I feel like koal was right for not making it a thing because most players would just use it for more space in their inventory when they stack the banknotes.

      8: I think it will positively impact the player base because I am new so im gonna be listening to older MPs that have been in Parliament before me to understand more about Parliament and what it's about. My plans are to make laws not so strict so players still think it is a fun server and also make laws that help new players than rather be against them.
      works, I want to be mp to make more laws that are useful ( not that current ones aren't) because some of these laws could be confusing to new players joining. I would address them by making a bill about it and elaborating, It would also depend on the bill and the idea of it.
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