Lawsuit Vroomba vs Stratham

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    Good evening your honor, I am seanboi from Aperture Law, here to represent my client, Vroomba.

    On the 14th of July, a Claim of Inadequacy was filed against my client, incumbent mayor of Troutman. However, this is illegal. According to the Inadequate Mayors Act, a Claim of Inadequacy can be made if:

    "The city/town does not meet the requirements of the respective settlement types."
    "The city/town is seen as having little to no progress (determined by cabinet and approved by parliament)."
    "A public petition is created to remove the mayor from their mayoral position and it receives 25 signatures."
    "A Claim of Inadequacy is instantly started against a Mayor under these conditions: The mayor is inactive on the server for 2 weeks."

    The Town of Troutman meets all town requirements and has had lots of progress recently. My client, Mayor Vroomba, has been on in the past two weeks from when this lawsuit is posted. There has also been no public petition. I am requesting that the court order the executive to end the Claim of Inadequacy against the incumbent mayor of Troutman.
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    Good Evening,
    Seeing as this is DoCR related, I will be calling the Minister of the DoCR to speak on behalf of the plaintiff's complaint. They can choose to represent the government themselves, or have another member of the government step in their place.

    @Tracefais is hereby summoned to the court to acknowledge the case. If the Defendant, @Tracefais , does not acknowledge the case as a reply in 2 days, the case will close in the Plaintiff's favor.

    Court is in Session

    This case is presided by Judge Cooleagles Bear in mind to not reply to court cases unless summoned by the Judge!
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    Good afternoon,

    As the prosecutor, I will be responding to this lawsuit representing the government. The Inadequate Mayors act and seanboi himself in this lawsuit stated that a COI may be initiated if there is lack of progress, which is deemed by cabinet and approved by parliament. Since cabinet has deemed Troutman as having lack of progress, launched a COI (which cabinet has expressly been given the right to do in the Inadequate Mayors Act) and parliament approved the COI, which the law also expressly allows, so I do not see anything against the law done by the government. While we commend the steps troutman has taken to fight for its survival in terms of town progress, any steps for the towns progression have been made after the claim of inadequacy. In fact, prior to the COI, the towns mayor, vroomba, he not only refused to even begin the bank and quarry, but even requested the dismantling of the towns official status before flipping his opinion. We would also like to point out that seanboi, being the lawyer in this case representing the prosecution is a conflict of interest, and are insisting that he abstain from voting in troutmans trial.

    Thank you.

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    Good Evening,

    Firstly, the Court finds this and its evidence very interesting and would like to hear a response from the plaintiff in regards to such.

    Secondly, the plaintiffs claim that the town has made "lots" of progress. The Court asks that the plaintiff also follow up on this seeing that both cabinet and parliament disagree. The Court asks that pictures, if possible, be posted along with their rebuttal of said progress.

    Additionally, before I make judgement on this motion I'd like to hear from seanboi and any arguments they may have on the contrary to this claim. The Court asks the the plaintiff's lawyer also put this in their response.

    Thank you, that is all for now.
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    Good Evening,

    My client completed the bank and quarry before the deadline. My client regrets saying that he wanted to un-officiate the town and is now against it. He says he only said it and wanted to quit is because nobody was helping him but that has now changed.

    Troutman has had multiple events bringing many people in to the town, so not much progress has been made physically but socially there has been a lot of progress. I can provide one picture.[​IMG]

    There may be a conflict of interest and I have agreed to abstain from voting regarding this topic.