Denied Wheel of Krunas


Mayor of Covington
Name of Event: Wheel of Krunas

DoPA member
: SlimeEmperor

Date: Saturday, April 18th



Description: Inspired by the real-life game show Wheel of Fortune, Wheel of Krunas is a game show-style event where players can win big!

Rules for the Event: Four participants will be randomly chosen from the audience to play the game. Hidden behind blocks will be banners with letters on them, spelling a phrase. In order to simplify this event, we will be basing each round after Toss-Up Rounds from the real-life Wheel of Fortune. There will be three rounds, each more difficult than the last, with cash prizes. There will be a predetermined phrase written with banners and hidden behind blocks. Each round, we will select four players from the audience to play. Then, one will be randomly chosen to go first, continuing to the left of whoever goes first. We will randomly expose one letter each turn, starting with the first player’s turn. Whoever guesses the phrase first wins the cash prize for that round.

The winner of the last round will enter the bonus round. In this round, there will be five letters revealed on the board, and the participant will be able to choose three additional letters to reveal on the board. If the participant chooses a letter that is not on the board, it uses up that letter choice, but allows the player to know that the letter is not on the board. After the letters are selected, they have 10 seconds to guess the phrase. If they correctly guess the phrase, their winnings are increased!

Prizes: For the first round, the prize will be K2,500 cash. For the second round, it will be K5,000 cash + a shulker box with some medium-rarity items such as gold, emeralds, etc. For the third round, it will be K7,500 cash + a shulker box with high-rarity items such as enchanted books, a beacon, and diamonds.

If the contestant for the bonus round wins, their winnings will be increased to 10,000 Krunas!

I will take the responsibility of getting and filling the shulker boxes for the event prizes.