William_CTO's Election Post (August 2019)

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    Why I will make for a good Member of Parliament
    I'm very experienced on the server.
    I know how the government works, what parliament can and can't do.
    I'm driven to see results.
    I actively engage the community in political and non political discussions instead of hiding behind closed doors making decisions without consulting the public.​

    Why you should vote for me this term
    The new members will benefit from having someone who's been in parliament.
    Intentions and drafted motions need to be finished!​

    What I will do this term
    Re-propose an edit to the PvP laws stating that each kill results in 10 minutes of jail time and a 60kr fine.
    Assist the new members in their journey
    Make sure your voice is not only heard, but also considered, and asked for - before laws are put into place.
    Work with Tree to edit flawed bills.​

    What I would like to do or see happen
    I'd like to see the courthouse system reworked. I proposed a motion to simplify Unconsented Death cases which was rejected.
    The Laws page has become bloated and messy. I'd like to work with the DoJ and Cabinet to clean it up.​

    Debate Questions and Answers
    Government Shop
    1. How do you think Cabinet’s decision to decrease the profitability of selling items to the Government Shop will affect the economy? What new legislation do you intend to support or pass to either boost the economy in other areas, or do you believe that this decision should not have been made at all?

      The decision is basic supply and demand. Since the government doesn't rely on the items they buy, instead spawning them from creative mode there is very little demand, resulting in lower prices. While the DoA does use blocks bought to help restore the wild, other departments need to follow suit, and stop spawning items in from creative. The price drop is the first step to improving the economy, and the Government actually having to gather resources to work with will help out even more. I currently do not plan to pass any legislation to directly impact the economy.

    2. What do you think you can do as a parliamentarian to help the people, as this change would have affected many people on the server.

      The most recent price drop was a surprise to everyone, with no warning. I would like to pass a law stating that government shop changes should have an announcement 5 days before the change so people aren't blindsided, and can actually prepare.

    3. Do you believe that it is parliament’s responsibility to ensure that the economy runs smoothly through different protections or incentives? Or, should the economy run through more of a hands off, laissez faire type economy-government relationship?

      Governments drive economies. The government should participate in the economy, and should do light regulation to help it move along.
    Minimum Wage
    1. Currently, the minimum wage is 10 Krunas per 15 minutes. However, the minimum wage is not enforced that well due to the semi-usable company plugin which makes it harder for company owners to give out paychecks to employees every 15 minutes. As an MP, what legislation would you propose to combat this ongoing issue?

      Aside from educating citizens, and allowing them to sue employers for lack of payment or underpayment, I propose the DoCE create a system to allow for private reporting of malpractices of businesses in general.

    2. Do you believe the current minimum wage, 10 Krunas per 15 minutes, is priced too low, too high, or just right? Why? What would you suggest the minimum wage be priced to if you believe it is too low or too high?

      Per Kat and Olefante's discussion, I agree the minimum wage is fine where it is. Don't forget, we also have Business Grants, which you can apply for on the forums!
    Term Limits
    1. There has been discussion about term limits for Members of Parliament. These limits would either be permanent - when after a certain amount of time in office, an MP cannot run again - or temporary - where after a certain number of terms, an MP must wait a term before they can run again. Do you support either of these types of term limits? Why or why not?

      I support what we proposed this term: Taking a minimum of one term break after two consecutive terms in Parliament. While it is good to have experienced, well known, and trusted people in Parliament, It's a good idea to let new ideas flow in, and I think most people who've served in parliament before would agree that taking a one term break after two terms can be healthy.

    2. Some people have also made a case for term limits in Cabinet, which would apply to all Ministers. Do you believe adding term limits to Ministerial positions is a good idea? In addition, do you think electing Ministers, the Deputy Prime Minister, and/or the Prime Minister for a specified term length is a good idea? Why?

      Because the ministers run their respective departments, I disagree that there should be term limits in Cabinet. While having new people and ideas in government is good, there also needs to be stability in the government departments.
      I disagree with the Prime Minister being an elected position because it spans both the government and server roles. Since the government makes changes to the server, yielding Koal's current responsibilities is simply a poor idea for the server's health. I also disagree with changing the PM's duties. I'm okay with the DPM being nominated/elected like the last Minister was.
    Cabinet Powers
    1. What do you think divides the line between cabinet and parliament jurisdiction? What do you think that cabinet should be able to continue to do and what powers do you believe should be given to other branches of government?

      The line that divides cabinet and parliament is unclear, and possibly even smudged. I'm honestly unclear on where exactly Parliament's power ends and Cabinet's power begins.
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