Bill: Accepted Writers Content Limitation Act

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    - Title: Writers Content Limitation Act

    - Type of motion (Edit/Removal/Creation): Creation

    - Elaboration & Reasoning: In the past few months, writing as a trade has become a large thing on the server. However, some books written during this literacy boom contain content such as IRL Politics, Vulgarity, and ‘Adult Content’. Books on the server can and are purchased by the younger community we play with.
    This bill will restrict the usage of the above mentioned items; these being Real World Politics; Vulgar Language; and ‘Adult Content’, as well as controversial topics. Vulgar Language will be defined here as Racism; Extreme Hate Terms; Cursing; and anything else deemed inpappropriate by staff.
    In addition to the above mentioned restrictions, writers will not be able to include player names in books unless they receive the Go-Ahead by the player(s) mentioned in the book. If a player feels they are represented by a commonly used nickname, or details of their role on the server (Jobs, businesses, ect.) they will have the right to sue, the outcome shall be determined by the DoJ’s Judges or SoP (Whomever rules over the Lawsuit.)

    The limitations of mentioning players would not apply to NewsPapers.
    The rules on 'Adult Content' and Cursing could be bypassed if an author includes the following disclaimer on the title page of their book:
    DISCLAIMER: This Book May Include Adult Content, For Mature Audiences Only

    Punishments for breaking this rule are shown below:
    *The use of Real World Politics; Vulgar Language; and ‘Adult Content’
    * Real World Politics/Controversial Topics: 200kr Fine
    * Vulgar Language: 100kr Fine per Vulgar Term used in the book
    * ‘Adult Content’: 250kr Fine
    *The Unauthorized use of a person's name
    * 1000kr to the person whose name is used personal balance

    - Other Information: Special thanks to Libnah for the idea!
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