xLayzur's Election Post - June 2020

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    Apr 29, 2020
    i am excited to announce that I, xlayzur will be running for parliament! Its an honor to join this election and have the possibly to make changes to BC that truly help and benefit the citizens of BC!

    First i would love to introduce myself, my name is xlayzur (Laser). I have been in this community for about a month. My presence and activeness has felt like I've been here for a lot more then just a month. I have almost a week of playtime in-game. The community has kept me here, its a wonderful place to play minecraft and make amazing friends! After just two weeks of being apart of BC, i wanted to get more involved so i applied to work for the Department Of Economics, which has been the best decision I've made so far! Personally i am a big nerd when it comes to economics. Over a lot of years of studying socioeconomic and quantitative finance. My knowledge truly helps within the department and love sharing my knowledge with others.

    Now when it comes to my experience with Businesscraft politics, I am always paying attention to what bills are being passed and declined. I have been reading all political discussions through forums and discord, i also pay very close attention to what the citizens of BC want. This will be my big step into BC Politics and i am ready. One of the main reasons i am running, due to my high knowledge of Economics. I would love to make economic changes throughout BC

    My goal as a parliament is to make sure players keep financial freedom, and establishing a better and reformed banking system. Improving Government efficiency within there jobs, there has been multiple times where players complain about the government leaving them unheard for way too long. Increase law enforcement to better protect players of BC. Giving every single player brand new opportunities, whether its jobs or events. Also plan on creating a platform for players to see what bills have been passed and declined through in-game. Its time to make a change, I will make sure your voice is heard while im a member of the parliament.

    I believe with my knowledge i am capable of being in the parliament and ready to take the responsibility!

    Personal Projects
    LSP: Laser Special Projects, build monumental structures for BC
    DoE: Sectary Of Employment
    Apex Butchery Investor​
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    Good luck
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