Zaetovens election post [February 2019]

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  1. zaetoven

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    Oct 22, 2018
    • Your username: Zaetoven
    • Your age: 14
    • Your activity on the server: I am a very active player I'm on from 2pm - 12pm normal days weekend I'm on all day lol
    • When you joined the server: 11months ago
    • Play time: 12d 1h
    • Why you think you are suited to be a Member of Parliament: I feel like I would be a great member of the parliament I'm a good leader and mature when I have to be. I am a very nice person I like to work as a community and I truly think if I get elected we as a community can make business craft even better then it already is
    • What kind of laws would you vote for/against: if I could vote for any laws I would say that being able to sell crops in the mall kinda ruins the job of a farmer and I feel like there should be laws for that other wise ill just help out with the laws make better ones even and so on
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    Aug 8, 2018
    Good luck!