SpriteTropical's Campaign Post (Feb 2020)

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    Heya, I'm SpriteTropical. I'm running for Parliament this February. I joined this server around 1 year and a half ago, and I've came back from a short break from the server. I'm a former Trial Moderator, Police Officer, Speaker, Commerce Secretary and Property Inspector. At the current moment, I'm an Assistant Education Secretary and the Mayor of Troutman, in addition to the Commissioner of the BCAA and the COO of Blue Industries.

    Due to my past qualifications, I do believe I have what it takes to be an MP. I've been an MP in the past too, and here are some bills I've proposed in the past, and bills I've had a hand in making:
    - https://mcbusinesscraft.com/forum/threads/sexual-comment-law.3998/
    - https://mcbusinesscraft.com/forum/threads/client-modification-rule-edit.3955/
    - https://mcbusinesscraft.com/forum/threads/town-expansion-edit.4142/
    - https://mcbusinesscraft.com/forum/threads/voting-requirements.4034/
    - https://mcbusinesscraft.com/forum/threads/legal-drunk-driving-limit.4799/
    - https://mcbusinesscraft.com/forum/threads/ministerial-nomination-bill.6315/
    - https://mcbusinesscraft.com/forum/threads/parliament-secretary-overhaul.4800/

    As I am and have been in the past involved heavily in the Government, the Community and the Corporate side of things, I believe I can represent the ideas of a large chunk of players on the server. If I were to be elected, I would vote for bills that help contribute and emphasize the more fun aspects of this server, give more power to the people, and bills that loosen up restrictions. Above all, I feel as if bills that boost the experience of the play on this server are the most important and beneficial bills to us all. As I have in the past (both in Parliament and in the former DoCE), each idea/bill that is brought up I will heavily consider potential outcomes of the bill and the community opinion.

    To get a better idea of what I stand for, here are my previous Campaign Threads:
    - https://mcbusinesscraft.com/forum/threads/spritecherry_s-election-post-june-2019.4644/
    - https://mcbusinesscraft.com/forum/threads/_cranberrysprite’s-election-post-feb-2019.3882/
    - https://mcbusinesscraft.com/forum/threads/_litenerds-election-post-october-2018.2840/
    - https://mcbusinesscraft.com/forum/threads/killdempiggiess-election-post-aug-2018.2527/
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